Food Security Magazine Spread

For this design project I chose to illustrate the global problem of food security. I wanted to make my illustrations simple, but powerful. I chose to use bold red text to make a statement, but I paired it with soft black and white imagery to balance it out. Food security is a major issue that our world is facing, and I wanted to get that across without looking extremely threatening.The article I chose to use did not have any illustrations, but it featured several photos throughout the different sections, which inspired me to incorporate photographs into my design. However, I decided to make them black and white so the pops of red would really come through in the designs. As for typography, I chose to use ADAM, which is simple, yet bold, and perfect for headlines. I wanted to keep my illustrations simple, so they did not over power the photographs, or make the article seem juvenile.  Overall, my designs support the concern of food security in a simple yet powerful fashion, by making the magazine spread appear eye catching without being too complex. 


Food Security Posters

For this project I illustrated the global problem of food security. Mirroring my magazine illustrations, I made theses designs simple, but powerful. I used bold text and stuck with the eye-catching color palette of red, black and gray. My posters grab the attention of the viewer and provide information about food security without coming off as threatening. I kept two of my designs simple and brief to keep my viewer engaged. As for the pyramid poster, that design was more created for a classroom setting, since it has more text. I still wanted it to be visually appealing, but provide more information to the viewer than the other two. Overall my designs support the concern of food security because they are powerful yet not overwhelming.

Boutique Fitness Studio Branding

For this project, I chose to do the branding for what I think portrays the ideal boutique fitness company. My goal was to create an atmosphere that would appeal to the target market, while implementing the desire to make Exhale a part of their daily fitness routine. I chose a color palette that I believe to be fresh and calming to the eye. I decided to use soft shades in the purple and blue family to create a brand image that would not come off as “intimidating” to the client. I went with subdued typography to compliment the brand’s name, “exhale”. Going off this, I added a soft wave design to illustrate what an exhale feels like, which complements the typeface. In my style sheet, I included several other graphics and icons that could be used on the company’s website, merchandise, booking app, business cards etc. I also created mock designs for possible apparel and storefront, which exemplify the ideal brand image.